Resources for java.
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Web Resources.­

­Wikipedia Java­
­Oracle Technology for Java Developers.­
­Oracle Java Tutorials.­
­Apple Developers docs on Java.­

­Book Resources.­

­Learning Java ­[Paperback]­.­
­Publisher:­ O'Reilly Media; 3 edition (27 May 2005)
­ISBN-10:­ 0596008732
­ISBN-13:­ 978-0596008734

­Java Pocket Guide (Pocket Guides) ­[Paperback]­.­
­Publisher:­ O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (12 Mar 2008)
­ISBN-10:­ 0596514190
­ISBN-13:­ 978-0596514198

­Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies ­[Paperback]­.­
­Publisher:­ John Wiley & Sons; 2nd Edition edition (15 April 2005)
­ISBN-10:­ 0764588745
­ISBN-13:­ 978-0764588747


The Java runtime, compiler and frameworks can be found at through the relevant links. You will need to download them to develop in Java. Some operating systems come with Java pre-installed. You can find out if Java is installed by typing 'java' and 'javac' into the command line. If it says nothing or command not found it is likely not installed, otherwise if you get a series of command line options for java and javac then you have most of what you need installed and ready to use.

It is common in Java developers to use Eclipse as the favoured IDE(Integrated Developer Environment) for developing in Java. The following resources may be of interest:

­Eclipse Foundation­

­Eclipse: A Java Developer's Guide ­[Paperback]­.­
­Publisher:­ O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (29 April 2004)
­ISBN-10:­ 0596006411
­ISBN-13:­ 978-0596006419

­Eclipse IDE Pocket Guide ­[Paperback]­.­
­Publisher:­ O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (19 Aug 2005)
­ISBN-10:­ 0596100655
­ISBN-13:­ 978-0596100650­