Problem adminbundle
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Posted by pwetpwet · 09-07-2013 - 12:03

Hello guys,

I'm sorry i speak not english very well, so i will try to speak clearly.

First step,you bundle is a very good work!!! Thx you.

But I have a problem with the AdminBundle.
I have install AdminBundle and their requirement like KnpPaginatorBundle.

The forum work very weel, but the administration doesn't work, because he don't found functions of Manager Entity's, and i don't understand why!
For example, to go to the url : /fr/admin/forum/category/index, I get this error:

"Fatal error: Call to undefined method CCDNForum\ForumBundle\Model\Manager\CategoryManager::findAllBoardsGroupedByCategory() in C:\xxampp\htdocs\Site\vendor\codeconsortium\ccdn-forum-admin-bundle\CCDNForum\AdminBundle\Controller\CategoryController.php on line 42"

Do you have any idea for my problem?

Thx you very much­

Posted by reece · 10-07-2013 - 04:06

ForumBundle is currently being rewritten, the AdminBundle will no longer be used.

I don't have a release date ForumBundle as of yet. Apologies for the inconvenience. I am working as hard as i can to get it ready for release though. Please bare with me.­