How to configure for multiple groups?
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Posted by Helmet · 11-02-2013 - 19:59

Hello, I was wondering if anyone can suggest how to configure this forum for multiple groups (multiple forums in one application) for Symfony 2.1? Is this even possible? I'm learning Symfony on this project so hoping to go down the right rabbit hole.­

Posted by reece · 12-02-2013 - 20:27

Hmm im not sure if what you are asking is entirely possible. It might be doable if you make multiple child bundle instances of CCDNForum and change the table names, i.e suffix them with a number.

Work will begin soon on version 2 of the forum, and subcategories will be an upcoming feature but that will be a long way off. I am not sure what to suggest in the meanwhile. Give the multiple child bundles a go and see if that works for you.­